Arthur Becker: a man with endless ambition:

Arthur Becker is currently part of the management team at a company called Madison Partners. Madison Partners is an management as well as an investment firm which concentrates on both real-estate as well as bio-tech ventures. Prior to Madison Partners, Becker was the CEO of Zinio. Zinio was one of the world’s largest digital newsstands.

Arthur Becker held a previous position at a company called Navisite. Arthur Becker was the CEO at Navasite. Navisite is an NASDAQ based company that provided high tech Internet based technology services. Navisite provided a variety of hosting services to businesses within the United States as well as the UK. Navisite also provided cloud based application services to a variety of high enterprise markets.

According to NY Daily News, Arthur Becker was also an adviser at Vera Wang Fashions for over 5 years. Navisite was eventually sold in 2011 to Time Warner. His tenure with Navisite allowed Arthur Becker to gain experience in both real-estate as well as technology which eventually helped Becker advance his career.

Within 6 months of leaving Navisite, Becker began to invest in Condo development in New York City as well as Florida. In addition, Arthur Becker became linked to a number of bio-tech companies. Becker also studies how substantial economic opportunities for young Americans ultimately impacted their lives.

In an article on The Real Deal, Becker is extremely busy these days because he started a somewhat large and very involved project. Arthur Becker is involved with building a number of Condos and Penthouses within the Tribeca section of Manhattan. Tribeca is a very wealthy area of Manhattan.

Arthur Becker stresses the importance of working with those that you respect. Working is a part of live that gives us the opportunity to excel and express ones talents. The work environment is much more pleasant when you respect the other employees.

Arthur Becker attended De Vry Institute of Technology. De Vry is a college which focuses on Business and Management Careers.

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