A Self-Funded Mission to Fight Cancer through Predictive Data by Eric Lefkofsky

One of the most successful founders of tech companies in Chicago, Eric Lefkofsky, and his business partner, Brad Keywell have built a reputation for transforming several startups into public enterprises. However, everything changed for him when his wife contracted cancer. The 47-year-old serial entrepreneur admitted that when such a dangerous thing like a diagnosis of cancer happens to any of us, we are bound to be confused. He was surprised that he did not have enough information or data to make it clear what he should do and learn more about Eric.

Consequently, the two partners founded a company that is data-driven towards the treatment of cancer. Tempus is the latest venture for the two prominent tech personalities, and it will employ genomic sequencing and machine learning to provide a better understanding of the particular tumor of a patient and to customize the best option of treatment to fight it. The Tempus project if the most ambitious that Eric has ever tried in the industry. While Keywell is the chief executive officer of Uptake – a startup for predictive analytics, Lefkofsky is concentrating on Tempu and read full article.

He said the latest venture which will be spearheaded by Tempu is at the epicenter of a major shift of paradigm in technology. He compared it to the way Facebook transformed connection between people and how Google brought in a new experience on the internet. The technology will enable machines to peer inside a human body to determine the molecular composition, and use the data to provide precision medicine and better care. He said they would not need capital, and he added that after leaving the role of CEO at Groupon, he did not dream of starting a company like Tempus and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

According to Forbes, the net value of Lefkofsky is $1.7 billion, most of which he has pledged to put into Tempus. He is the CEO and the co-founder of Tempus which is a tech company building an operating system to fight cancer. Before that, he was a founder of Lightbank which is a venture fund focused on disruptive technology, and Groupon – an international e-commerce marketplace. Mr. Lefkofsky has founded several high-flying tech ventures. In 2006 he set up a private charitable foundation known as the Lefkosfsky Family Foundation.

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