Meet One of Rural North Carolina’s Top Doctors

Without the study, practice, and continual advancement of medicine, humanity would undoubtedly not have long, healthy lives on average or resist highly common sicknesses and ailments. One may find it difficult to believe that just one century ago, chicken pox was a leading killer of children, among with many other now-preventable and easily-cured ailments.


Physicians are undoubtedly important, just as Dr. Imran Haque is of high importance to the rural North Carolina areas he serves. The popular Southeastern doctor practice internal medicine in Ramseur and Asheboro, North Carolina. Dr. Imran Haque attended medical school at the highly prestigious University of Virginia’s School of Medicine, the same place he carried out his residency. In order to keep his status as a fully certified, licensed practitioner of internal medicine, the trustworthy doctor must complete continuing education requirements each and every year.


For over the past fifteen years, Imran Haque has carefully served the chronically underserved rural areas of North Carolina. His Asheboro practice is nestled away between State Route 42 and East Salisbury Street, located at 138 Dublin Square Road, Suite B. Dr. Haque’s rural Ramseur location is located at 1508 Main Street, hidden underneath the town’s main street, Jordan Road.


Imran Haque provides a number of basic wellness exams, preventative care practices, and cosmetic resurfacing services. Some of the popular doctor’s most often sought-after treatments include laser hair removal, weight management, Venus body contouring, and 360 resurfacing.


Laser hair removal involves gently blasting lasers of various frequencies and wavelengths against patients’ problem areas, most often females’ faces. This procedure makes no lasting scars in his patients, allowing them to reap the benefits of an aesthetically-pleasing outward appearance.


360 resurfacing relies on lasers, as well, just like Dr. Imran Haque’s popular laser hair removal techniques. Dr. Haque tightens up skin all over patients’ bodies, or specifically in trouble areas, depending on what patients desire. 360 resurfacing is safe to be performed in any area, regardless of location, skin condition, or blemishes.


Weight management is one of Dr. Imran Haque’s patients’ most sought after treatments. He uses a combinations of medicines, surgeries, and exercise programs to help patients keep troublesome weight off for good.


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