Orange Coast College Trains To Success

On May 25, the Orange Coast College rowing team set out for Nationals once again. This the second year in a row that they have attended and last year they were able to take home the prize for the event. This year, their captain Daniel Amado leads them into the water and toward success. Daniel is 22 years old and graduated from Los Alamitos High School. He was on the rowing team during his time there, but he ultimately became injured and was unable to continue. Orange Coast College rowing team gave him another chance to continue with his passion and he is thankful for the team for giving him the emotional strength to carry on. He believes that in a few years he will be experienced enough to join the University of Washington’s rowing team, which is widely known for its success.


Daniel is joined the Steve Morris, the assistant coach on the men’s team. Steve was on the Orange Coast College rowing team when he was in college and served as their coxswain. He went on to become the coach full time, but after he got married and had children he decided to step down. He is able to support both his team and his family this way. The coach of the men’s team, Cameron Brown, was brought over the the rowing team at the Oklahoma City University and he believes that rowing creates physical and mental maturation. Orange Coast College rowing team often sends its members on to larger universities and some of them have even joined olympic teams.


The Orange Coast College is found on a beautiful campus in Costa Mesa in California. The college was founded in 1947 and they have known grown to accommodate over 20,000 students in every semester. They have 135 different career and academia opportunities and classes. They are also one of the biggest transfer rates and their students often go on to attend the University of California and California State University. A Number of other students go on to attend private schools or they attend Orange Coast College for a trade class.


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