Imran Haque’s Compassionate Clinical Services

Imran Haque is one of the most compassionate caregivers in North Carolina and his specialty is internal medicine. Internal medicine primarily involves procedures similar to plastic surgery and botox injections, but may also include weight loss and body shaping practices. Dr. Imran Haque has become highly respected in his practice because he is highly concerned with patient needs and makes sure when they visit his clinic, Horizon Internal Medicine that they are comfortable in their surroundings and have all their concerns heard. Imran Haque is not only a kind and caring physician, he has spent over 15 years in practice and has the educational achievements to point to.


Imran Haque is from the Dominican Republic and first attended medical school at the Universidad Iberoamericana at Santo Domingo and completed his first four years there. He later pursued his M.D. and became an intern at the Roanoke-Salem internal medicine program of the University of Virginia. After completing his M.D., Haque moved to North Carolina and received his license to practice in Randolph County. By the early 2000s he had opened Horizon’s first clinic in Asheboro and soon after opened one in Ramseur.


Imran Haque has brought technology to his clinic that helps speed treatment processes and makes procedures less painful for patients. He’s even included services such as ultrasounds and labs that have results right in the clinic. Three of his most popular treatments a botox, 360 facial resurfacing and contouring. Botox involves injections of a substance that can eliminate skin wrinkles and rejuvinate muscles. 360 resurfacing is similar to botox except it uses lasers to treat and often has longer lasting results because it’s done over periods of time. Imran Haque’s body contouring helps eliminate body fat without invasive surgery. Patients also visit the clinic for diabetes checkups and to have routine physical exams.

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