Fabletics; Harnessing The Power Of Crowd-Sourced Reviews

Since its launch in 2013, Fabletics, a disruptive fashion brand has been keen on carving out its niche in an Amazon-dominated sector. The brand was started with women and active wear in mind. From the onset, the founders of Fabletics knew that they had to harness the power of the crowd to accelerate their growth. Looking back it’s been three years, and the enterprise has keeps recording remarkable success in the industry.


So what power does the crowd have on businesses that are built on the internet? Fabletics is an apt example of companies which have leveraged the power of technology to override the traditional business processes. For most firms that reside on the internet, establishing trust between the firm and the clients is usually the first agenda. How will customers know that they can trust your products or services? Through peer reviews and crowd-sourced recommendations. If online businesses can harness the power of what other people are saying about your business, then they can achieve growth in the world of e-commerce.


Fabletics has capitalized on the power of customer recommendations and reviews. Today’s consumer is keener on what other people who have already sampled your products or services have to say. Customer reviews enable businesses to align their products and services with the suggestions of the customers, therefore, establishing trust and brand loyalty between the customers and the enterprise.


It is a fact that consumer reviews can increase customer acquisition and retention. According to various studies, more than 80 percent of online consumers consider online reviews to be as reliable as personal recommendations. Most clients believe what the crowd has to say about your service or product before making a purchase.


For brands such as Fabletics, crowd-sourced reviews have been one of the biggest drivers of the growth. This feedback from the customers pushes the company to maintain quality products and achieve transparency in its delivery processes. According to Kate Hudson, one of the founders of Fabletics, the business leverages the power of technology, data, and empathy.


Fabletics does not require sales associates who can vouch for their products. The services and products they offer receive positive opinions from their members, and these reviews form the basis upon which new members can decide to purchase.


Apart from harnessing big data and crowd-sourced reviews, Fabletics employs a unique process in its sales processes. Through a technique called reverse showrooming, the company can collect vital information on the clients once they visit the brand’s physical store. Personal shoppers are then able to make product recommendation without the customer visiting a physical store.


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