Learn about Eric Lefkofsky and Rise of Data-Enabled Precision Medicine in 5 minutes

If this is the first time, you are hearing about the name Eric Lefkofsky, worry no more. We have curated his story in this article and how his company is helping in the rise of data enabled precision machine. Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus and other different ventures such as Groupon, Echo Global Logistics and much more.

Eric is just not an average person trying to help cancer patients in the world. According to Forbes, he has a net worth of approximately $1.81B. Eric has been involved in extensive research on different types of cancer and donated large sums of cash to develop high-tech treatments that not only relieve the cancer patients but gives them a fighting chance. Eric believes that some barriers that inhibit success in the fight against cancer include sharing of information, lack of data among others. According to him if clinics had enough data, they can cause a significant change.

Eric and his company Tempus are leading the race in data enabled precision medicine.Despite the fuss that there is modern technology in the healthcare industry regarding EHRs and electronic records, it might not be the case. When Eric’s wife was diagnosed with cancer, he got in touch with reality and personal experience about cancer treatment. He was shocked that a significant gap existed in the field regarding data collection. Although there is much data generated about cancer patients and treatments, there has never been an efficient way to store that information and make it useful and more information click here.

However, Tempus has developed a platform that analyses molecular and clinical data. Although there were many hurdles that the company faced, they never gave up the fight and Eric’s lacrosse camp.


Why Data-Enabled Precision Medicine is essential

It makes it easier and efficient in the fight of cancer and other diseases. Tempus and Eric Lefkofsky’s work allows little information gathered through genome sequencing be combined with the clinical information of a patient and Eric on Facebook.

In the future, companies like Tempus who are at the forefront of data-enabled precision medicine hope that through certain technologies they will be able to pair patients with cancer with the right treatments accurately.

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