The Strides of Omar Yunes

In recent times, when most individuals thrive on the name of their family and cling to joint wealth and partnership, Omar Yunes has been able to distinguish himself. A business tycoon who has a flair for restaurant business has been able to carve a name for himself, away from what his family is popular for – politics. Yunes, with a zeal to not only make money has been able to provide jobs for people with his chain restaurants numbering about ninety in Mexico alone. Yunes established Shushi Titto, a Japanese company. The company was founded with a western blend. He has over four hundred employees working for him. Shushi Titto has been able to grow in leaps and bounds with Yunes coming up with innovative styles, which has placed the brand among the best in the world.

Yunes is one businessman who started out early. He knew what he wanted, planned it all out and has been enjoying the dividends of his hard work. When some individuals were still fathoming a path for their businesses, Yunes established Shushi Titto at the age of twenty-one. He did not tow the path his family is famous for which could have easily got him fame, and perhaps more money that he desires, considering the fact that a foundation has already been laid for him and what Omar Yunes knows.

Yunes story is a case of determination and focus. He worked his way through to the top with his flair for dining etiquette. In South America, he has built chains of his restaurant that has garnered him accolades. Recently, he won an award for the best franchise in the world for his professionalism in franchise business. He deserved the award for his innovation, professionalism, and growth in the business world and more information click here.

In Veracruz, Mexico City, Shushi Titto has about thirteen outlets. It also has more outlets across Mexico and beyond; in Honduras, El Salvador, and Panama. Being awarded as the best brand in the world for professionalizing the franchise brand was to encourage Omar Yunes in his quest to improve on his brand innovations, corporate social responsibility, teamwork and overall growth of his company and contact him.

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