Kate Hudson’s Role in Promoting the Fabletics Brand

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has taken the fashion industry by storm. The company has taken its fair share of the market by effectively competing against Amazon. This success is not by chance. It was designed from the inception of the company. The company realized beforehand that consumers relate better to aspirational brands that push people into being a better version of themselves. Instead of therefore competing on the basis of price and quality of goods, the company focused on user experience. It worked on the customer service, exclusive design and gamification, last-mile service and brand recognition to gain the attention of the modern customer who is looking for high value in a brand.


Profile of Operating


Fabletics positioned itself as a fashion-membership brand embracing reverse showrooming. The membership model has helped the firm build budding and lasting relationships with its customers, positively contributing to sales. Additionally, Fabletics has ensured that in its physical stores, what clients need is what stocked and not necessarily current trends are. This way, consumers’ needs are met since if they go to look for a particular item, they find it depending on the preferences of consumers at a given location. Lastly, focus on accessibility, people and culture have ensured that customer experience is paying off based on data science. All this has turned the company into a $250 million company within three years.


Kate Hudson’s Role


Kate Hudson has worked very hard to see through the success of the athleisure brand, Fabletics. When she was approached by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, the founders of TechStyle Fashion Group, to help them set up a stylish, affordable, quality workout gear for women, Kate jumped right in since she believed in the vision of the brand. From the very beginning, she took part in reviewing budgets, picking social media strategies, and ensuring that the styles remained fresh. As an actress with a keen eye on keeping fit and staying healthy, the vision of the brand fit right into the scheme of things for her. She, therefore, jumped into the unknown world of business with the help of an experienced team in running an online business in the fashion industry. She also focused on sales, finding out what was selling and what was not. The data end of the business also worked out well in pushing the brand.




Kate Hudson is known by many on her team as someone who will not take on what she does not believe in fully. She is also kind, approachable, and leads an active lifestyle which made her a perfect fit for the fashion brand. Her contribution has pushed the firm to greater heights resulting in exponential growth even as other brands are closing their retail end of the business. Celebrities such as Demi Lovato have praised Fabletics for inspiring and empowering women to be the best version of themselves. To find out which workout gear is best for you, please take the Lifestyle Quiz by Fabletics.


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