Talk Fusion Video Marketing Focused Company with Network of Affiliates Across the Globe

Talk Fusion is one of the first companies to ever come up with the concept of video marketing products and services. The unique range of products and services that it came with a few years back were ahead of its time, and today, its importance is being understood. The futuristic thinking of the company and the broad base of products and services it offers is what has led the company to tremendous success in a concise period. One other reason as to how the company has been able to achieve a lot of success is through its network marketing model. The company doesn’t sell its products and services through an online store or e-commerce site or any other medium, but through its hundreds and thousands of affiliates spread across the globe.


Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007 and had been serving the role of its CEO since then. He has been associated with network marketing from long before he started Talk Fusion and thus, understands how network marketing model works clearly. He has been able to achieve the success he enjoys today, partially due to his expertise in network marketing and the success he achieved as a direct selling agent. He wanted to share his knowledge and experience about network marketing to the agents of Talk Fusion, and thus, he recently launched the Talk Fusion University. It is an online venue to get the video tutorials by Bob Reina himself, and many articles and educational resources focused on marketing at one place. It is beneficial for the agents who are struggling to convert their leads or need some motivation on how to get started. Learn more:


Network marketing can be difficult for people for whom marketing and direct selling doesn’t come naturally. Some amount of training and guidance can always help in polishing the negotiation skills and ensure that the customers are kept engaged. Talk Fusion University aims to improve the agents of the company know more about how network marketing model and how it works, so that the agents can do a good job of selling the company’s products in their circle.




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