Todd Lubar Discusses Business In Interview

Todd Lubar is a real estate investor and the founder of TDL Global Ventures. In the past, he was interviewed by Inspirery and he discussed his line of work. He was asked how he got started in the business and he mentioned how for 20 years he worked in the credit and finance industry and that he enjoyed helping people achieve their dream.

Lubar was also asked how he made money and he said he does it by finding the will in people to reach their goals. He said he goes after those who takes the chance to go after what they want. He added that he always tries to achieve profitable results for the people and the businesses he supports. Lubar said that was how he works at TDL Venture.

Todd Lubar was asked how long it took for him to become profitable and he said it took years for him to become profitable. However, he does still strive to keep the momentum going, as well as for the companies he works with or have represented throughout his career. Check out to see more.

More About Todd Lubar

Lubar is the president of TDL Ventures and he is also the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. He has also worked at other leading companies such as Legacy Financial group and Crestar Mortgage Corp. Lubar also played a role in the growth of the Maryland Legacy Financial office. In fact, he grew it from a production unit to a company generating millions of dollars per year, in loan volume. Check out his page for more.

As for education, Todd Lubar went to the University of Syracuse. He graduated from there back in 1995 with a bachelor’s degree. His degree is in speech communication.

If you would like to learn more about Todd Lubar and his business, then you can visit his official website.

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