Aloha Construction, Great For Home Improvement

If you are in need of some home improvement projects then Aloha Construction is the right place to go. Aloha Construction is a trusted business and they have been around for several years now. All technicians who work for Aloha construction are licensed and ready to work. In addition to being licensed, the company also make their technicians go through lengthy hands on projects before sending their technicians out to actually work on homes. The company has two locations in IL; however, they also service the Wisconsin area as well. The company has so many great reviews from satisfied customers, and Aloha on Facebook.

Aloha is a company that specializes in roofing, siding and even gutter work. Their main goal is to ensure that their customers have a home the is safe living in and that they are safe to live in. Aloha is always there for customers who has experienced damage to their homes due to a storm. They are also always excepting new customers. When dealing with Aloha Construction you can always expect to receive professional service that is state of the art. They are a company that carries themselves with high integrity and by great values. Aloha Construction is defiantly one of the best construction companies out as of now.

Dave Farbaky is the founder and the CEO of Aloha Construction. He carries his team to have high standards and quality work at all times. Dave Farbaky aims for the company to treat all of their customers as if they were family. Dave Farbaky is known for showing kind acts to people. In addition to owning the construction company, Dave Farbaky also owns a charity foundation. The name of the foundation is the Dave Farbaky Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to spread random deeds of kindness to people all over. The foundation recently gained attention from the press because they took multiple random girls on a shopping spree. Dave Farbaky has a kind heart and is always willing to give back, and learn more about Aloha Construction.

Both of Farbaky’s businesses are doing extremely well. If you are in need of any construction services contact Aloha today!

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