The Work of Dick DeVos

1991 brought about a few changes to the world, and in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it was the year that Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy started taking the initiative to bring their ideas and passions to life. When the talk of the new convention area reached the ears of this couple, they fought the plan, trying to conserve the downtown area of Grand Rapids, their Michigan hometown.



Dick DeVos, the son of the Amway founder, is also the CEO of his father’s company, but he also has made quite the effort to help rehabilitate several business and entities in the Grand Rapids area. He helped the Gerald R. Ford International Airport regain strength, and with his wife’s help, Dick DeVos has been working to help build various charter schools throughout the country.



In the past, the DeVos couple has worked to donate money to a children’s hospital, donate toward various programs, and even work toward education reform and other scholarships. Perhaps this work is what helped his wife, Betsy earn her position on President Trump’s cabinet as the US Secretary of Education.



To this date, their biggest initiative together has been the work in education advocacy. They have been trying to give children that have fewer options because of income status more opportunities for education just like their children has been given in their lives. Betsy’s work has been on a larger scale, but Dick’s work at the international airport, starting an aviation school there, has been a great push toward their goal of education reform.



However, the DeVos family hasn’t always succeeded in their mission for their philosophies. Back in 2000, the couple found rejection of their constitutional amendment to help create a tax-funded set of vouchers for various schools. This was to help students attend private schools. Another loss was when Dick DeVos ran for governor, but lost the race.



They never gave up, which is a motto that most people should learn. Instead, the couple changed the way they approached things. They dedicated their work to vouchers for private schools in other parts of the United States. Their efforts paid off since now as many as 24 states have been given these vouchers for students.



With their momentum running and Betsy’s new place in the Whitehouse, they are hoping to provide more choices for students everywhere. Because of the DeVos couple’s movement toward education reform and school advocacy, President Donald Trump appointed Betsy to her position in Washington. Dick DeVos, while still at home in Grand Rapids, is standing by his wife’s side, being her encouragement and helping hand.



To this day, Dick DeVos is working hard at his own company, called Windquest Group. In this company, he has donated both his money and his time to various efforts. He also travels to Washington to be with his wife on a regular basis, and he is now a part of the U.S. Department of Transportation that is overseeing the incredible Federal Aviation Administration, which is right up to the alley of this pilot.


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