Robert Ivy of AIA

     Robert Ivy is an Executive Vice President and the CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) who is committed to strengthening the Association through education initiative, public outreach, and advocacy that enables the members to serve their clients in a dynamic global era. Architect Robert Ivy was born in Columbus, Mississippi and attended Sewanee University where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in English. Later, he joined Tulane University for a degree in architecture.

Robert Ivy used to work at McGraw-Hill Construction before he joined AIA. He undertook several roles such as being the editor-in-chief of Architectural Records, Vice President as well as editorial director. Additionally, he was in charge of publication. He advocated for an understanding of how architecture affects climate. Architect Robert’s career is centered on designing building and construction, however, he believes that architect should concern other ideas. Thus during the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative Robert Ivy and the AIA team used architectural designs to promote public health.

Moreover, Robert is a renowned speaker who has given lectures in the United States and other countries. Furthermore, Robert Ivy is an active author who writes articles discussing several issues. In one of his article on HuffingtonPost titled “Architects of Health,” Robert argues the health risk people expose themselves when they frequently visit fast-food outlets. He uses statistics to show the risk involved with such food. He cited health conditions such as diabetes and obesity as the most common risk. He further suggests designing school-based health facility that will sell healthy food and also encouraged communities to exercise more. As an architect designing and developing an area to ensure it has parks, fitness centers, cycling path is their primary concern.

Interestingly, Robert Ivy was among the juror on the panel who were tasked with the role of picking the best architect to design the National Dwight Eisenhower Memorial, and they selected Frank Gehry. The National Architecture Fraternity unanimously voted for Robert Ivy as the Master Architect in March 2010 for his communication contribution of the value of design. Currently, he is one of the seven to receive such an honor for the last 100-year.

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