Doe Deere: Creating Colorful Cosmetics For The Bold And Beautiful

Bright colors make people happy. However, in the cosmetics industry, people are generally offered muted colors to help them to better blend in. Doe Deere has broken the traditional mold with the wild colors in her Lime Crime cosmetics line. Her make-up is designed to make people stand out, make a bold statement and spread the joy that they feel. This is all part of Doe Deere’s plan to make the world a more colorful, happier place. People call Doe Deere the ‘Unicorn Queen‘ because of her love of bright colors and her desire to make people smile and spread authentic child-like joy and happiness.


But Doe Deere is also a very focused and determined businesswoman. One that has broken down many of the barriers that constrain female entrepreneurs and brought new light, life and color to the cosmetics industry. Her success has served as an inspiration and provided a blueprint other women can use in their quest to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. And Doe Deere is always willing to provide assistance and advice to the female entrepreneurs that contact her through social media and the ones she meets when she does her motivational talks throughout the U.S. and worldwide.


Doe Deere started creating the make-up in the Lime Crime line out of necessity. She couldn’t find the gloriously colorful and bright make-up she needed, so she decided to make some herself. She then created a truly innovative online marketing campaign that announced to the world that the Unicorn Queen had arrived and she was about to add more color to the world with her make-up. It turns out millions of people around the world were also looking for rainbow-colored make-up to express their unique style and individuality. Within a year after launching Lime Crime, Doe Deere’s colorful creations were an international sensation.


The path hasn’t always been easy, but Doe Deere was determined to succeed. She had long dreamed of being a successful businesswoman and had tried her hand at fashion design, modelling and music. When she began producing neon bright make-up by hand using only vegan ingredients, it quickly became apparent she had found her niche. Now she uses her success to help as many people as she can. Not only does she work with female entrepreneurs to help them navigate the obstacles of the business world, Doe Deere is also a generous philanthropist that financially supports women, children and animals in need.


Born in Russia and raised in New York City, Doe Deere embraces the world and its diversity. Each day she tries to create new products that bring people joy and help them to express themselves through the innovative, cruelty-free products she offers. You see, Doe Deere and Lime Crime never tests their products on animals like many other cosmetics brands do. Her products are created to bring joy and happiness through creative self-expression. It’s statement make-up designed for the bold and beautiful people who are not afraid to use their make-up to proudly stand out.


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