Jason Hope Wants To Impact The Anti-Aging Research Of SENS

     Jason Hope is fundamentally an entrepreneur. He has been a moving force in the Internet of Things and is regarded as one of its prominent leaders. This entrepreneur is a proponent of smart-tech and wants to use technology to revolutionize the lives of people around the world. It is in the area of biotechnology that he is currently interested in. His futuristic work and the need for the medical industry to develop new systems of treating diseases made him suitable to initiate projects along this line. He has involved himself in the development of anti-aging cures through the use of biotechnology.

Jason Hope is born and raised in Arizona and is also a successful tech entrepreneur. He would eventually use his business acumen in the medical industry when he learned about the activities of the SENS Foundation. SENS is a non-profit organization that is trying to discover the answers to age-related diseases. It has its headquarters in California. He was attracted to SENS when he came across Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s work.

But initially, Hope was involved in the mobile communication industry. After graduating with an MBA Finance certificate from the Arizona State University, he established his own company and quickly distinguished himself in the industry which afforded him the luxury of venturing into other business sectors that interested him.

It was SENS’ work in treating problems caused by diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease that fascinated him. SENS is not only trying to prolong people’s lives but is also trying to improve the quality of life as people are able to live longer. He was encouraged to give a donation of $500,000 to the foundation so that SENS could further its research on how this diseases affect aging. Hope lamented that so much money are being spent to develop cures for these diseases, while there’s not much research being done on their prevention. He wants to make a considerable impact on this type of research by doing this philanthropic work.

SENS has found a willing heart in Hope since they are both focused more on preventing these diseases instead of just curing them. He and SENS both believe that preventing diseases is also important. The successful tech entrepreneur is now busying himself with reading scientific and medical journals. He said this prepares him and gets him ready for any opportunity that knocks. This is a practice by which his business success in the past was largely hinged on.



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