Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: Working Hard to Save Lives in Tallahassee

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a medical doctor located in Tallahassee, Florida and he is affiliated with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital. He specializes in emergency medical care. Dr. Forstoefel received his medical degree with honors in 2012 from Louisiana State University School of Medicine. Dr. Eric is currently accepting new patients and most major insurance plans to include Medicare and Medicaid. He is certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine and he has medical licenses in Louisiana and Florida.

Emergency physicians treat patients with urgent or life threatening conditions. They work in the emergency departments of hospitals and typically treat cardiac distress, trauma, fractures, lacerations, gunshots, stab wounds and other acute conditions. They are specially trained to quickly make life-saving conditions during an emergency. Emergency doctors provide care until the patient can be safely discharged or transferred to another medical facility for ongoing care.

Dr. Eric typically receives high overall ratings from his patients for attentiveness, patience and providing timely follow up. It is important for patients to remember that emergency physicians are not meant to take the place of a primary care physician. Having a personal physician that you see regularly can help prevent some emergency conditions.

One popular misconception concerning emergency rooms is the difference between trauma surgeons and emergency doctors. Emergency doctors initially treat all patients that come through the door rather they need surgery or not. Trauma surgeons are there to specifically perform surgeries after a diagnosis from a doctor.

Tallahassee Memorial healthcare Hospital has 26 emergency doctors on staff to include Dr. Forsthoefel. The hospital is a general medical and surgical facility. It is rated high for colon cancer surgery and knee replacement. For all other procedures the hospital is ranked average or non applicable. Dr. Eric has spent his entire career practicing at this facility.


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