Betsy DeVos Is On Team Trump Even Though Her Personality Is Much Different Than His

It turns out that you do not have to be a brass New Yorker to make an impact on the Trump White House. While the President is known for saying and doing some pretty wild things from time to time, Betsy DeVos is known as a much more polite and even-tempered kind of person. Even those who oppose her and what she stands for will admit to you that she is a polite person to them on a person-to-person level. They may not be willing to concede a lot more about her, but they will say that.


DeVos is well known in the Michigan area where her and her husband are from. The two of them have been enjoyed in local politics in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas for some time now. When you take a look around at the architecture of that area you will see a lot of the influence that DeVos and her husband have been able to have. This is because they are not afraid to donate to causes that they feel are deserving of their money. They do pick and choose what they want to donate to, but their generous spirit is also something that everyone notices about them.


When Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the Education Secretary for the Trump Administration, some people began to wonder why. They did not see her as the type of person who would be a good fit in the Trump White House. In fact, the Senate itself barely edged her through the confirmation process. She received a split 50-50 vote from the Senators that required the Vice-President to come in and cast a rare tie-breaking vote in favor of the nomination.


These are the kind of things that keep people wondering why Betsy DeVos has decided to join this administration. The answer most likely is because she recognizes the power that her role brings to her ability to shape the issues that she cares about. One of the biggest things that she has worked on in her career has been the promotion of charter schools. Now that she is the Education Secretary for the entire nation, she can get a lot more work done on this particular issue.


She may have received a lot of heat during her confirmation hearings, but she has been accomplishing a lot while under the radar as of late. She recently went to a charter school in Miami with rapper Pitbull to promote the school and all that it has accomplished for its students. It was yet another reminder that DeVos cares greatly about this particular issue.


Right now there is a lot of progress being made on the issue of charter schools thanks in no small part to the work that DeVos has been doing. It may be that these schools are far more common going forward into the future than they are today if this trend continues. That has been the overarching goal for DeVos during her tenure as the Secretary of Education.


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