Stephen Hicks Excels At Bringing Focus To His Team At Southridge Capital:

Southridge Capital is a firm that has made a respected name for itself in the area of providing structured finance and professional advisory services for publically traded companies. Southridge has a truly diverse base of clients and the firm works diligently to help them in the fulfilment of their needs by providing them with creative financial solutions. One of the areas in which Southridge Capital truly prides itself is its outstanding team of executives that have led the firm to the success that it enjoys today. The team has a deep and nuanced knowledge of the financial industry and of today’s current marketplace and this allows Southridge to serve is clients at a level beyond what many competitors can offer. The firm has invested over $1.8 billion into the growth of businesses since it started out in 1996 and has provided financing to in excess of 250 different publically traded companies.


Within its advisory services sphere, Southridge Capital really does check off all the boxes. Its professional advisory services include analysis of financials, optimization of balance sheets and top-tier advice regarding the areas of acquisitions and mergers. Southridge is also a firm that excels in helping its clients to restructure their business models.


Beyond its work in the purely business end of its operations, Southridge Capital is also a firm known for its community and world activism. Philanthropy is an important part of the formula at Southridge Capital and the company has given critical support to amazing organizations such as the Daystar Foundation, Ridgefield Community Center, Save a Child’s Heart Foundation and the Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship. Check out



Southridge Capital’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder Stephen M. Hicks has stated that the idea for Southridge initially came from his desire to try and make a go at starting his own hedge fund. On any given day, Stephen spends a good amount of time reviewing the company’s portfolio and prioritizing what items need to be accomplished on that given day by himself and his team. He feels that making this daily list is critical in ensuring that his day is productive. It is also critical in helping him to zero in on what the entire team needs to be directing their focus toward that particular day. You can visit





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