Boraie Development: Transforming the Cities in New Jersey

The Aspire is one of the premier developments in the city of New Brunswick. Boraie Development led the construction of the building as one of their projects to help the city’s economy. Omar Boraie, the founder of the company, stated that the construction of The Aspire is one of the few skyscraper projects that they launched in the city. He said that the company signed an agreement with the city government to transform New Brunswick into an investment and business hub, and the construction of new buildings would help the city gain new investors. The city government of New Brunswick is thankful to Boraie Development because of their assistance to the city. According to city officials, New Brunswick stopped growing economically decades ago after the original citizens who settled in the city decided to leave. It killed the industries operating in New Brunswick in the past, until they were exceeded by other American cities like New York. Today, New Brunswick serve as one of the most important cities in New Jersey, but the city’s growth rate lags.



Boraie Development thought that by creating new skyscrapers, it will attract investors and business people to invest in the city. They are also hoping that new settlers would decide to buy a property in the city and try living in it. New Brunswick has a lot of aminities and facilities available to those who would like to move in. The Aspire was built near the downtown, and it will be quite easy for someone to go to their favorite restaurant situated in the city center if they would move into one of the units at The Aspire. According to Boraie Development, many individuals have purchased a unit at their latest construction project, and they announced that because of the increasing demand for similar projects, the people should expect for more high-class condos and apartments to rise up within the city. You can visit for more info.




Aside from New Brunswick, several New Jersey cities are also receiving a grand makeover. Atlantic City, for example, starts to construct new apartments and condos that would accommodate a lot of people. Boraie Development partnered with the city government to revitalize the entertainment industry in the city that was eclipsed by Las Vegas. Newark, on the other hand, would see more skyscrapers being built in its downtown area, including the residential tower co-financed by Shaquille O’Neal. Boraie Development stated that they are excited to witness the results of their construction projects across the state. For more details you can checkout






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