Investment Adviser, Igor Cornelsen Says Stock Picks Easy With Research And Analysis

Investment adviser, Igor Cornelsen says in a recent online article, the fundamental missing link of good investing is often research. Cornelsen adds that anyone could become an expert at recognizing opportunities if they’d pay attention to fundamental analysis to lead them to the correct stock picks.

A current investment adviser for Bainbridge Investments, Igor Cornelsen has decades of financial management experience, with a disciplined investment process. He points out that the key is tracking these opportunities.

The eternal ups and downs of stock prices and the unmanageable amount of shares pose a difficult task for the analysts. So investors must always consider the “intrinsic value” of a company compared to other companies.

Finding The Right Stock

Cornelsen says in order to find a good stock, the selection of a promising industry is of great importance. Some sectors are growing, others are shrinking. As a result, industry growth has the highest impact on stock value.

Experienced stockbrokers know: If an industry has turned out to be interesting, you should take a closer look at the three main companies and the newcomers. The top companies in the industry are the focus of the media. That’s why the top three in the industry often show above-average stock performance. Not to be underestimated are newcomers who can revolutionize a sector with a new product or service. Cornelsen says to follow the development over a historically relevant period, and look at the highs and lows.

Igor Cornelsen points out that research for stock selection information today can be done mainly on the internet, so that leaves little to no excuses why anyone can perform these tasks. Cornelsen adds that you can use online financial platforms to view information on markets, prices, charts and stock indices, which will provide an overview of how a company has been doing.

A current investment adviser for Bainbridge Investments, the brazilian native has decades of financial managment experience, with a disciplined investment process. He points out that the key to investment know-how is learning to track these opportunities, and there’s no reason for everyone to grasp these methods.


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