Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers is Taking Music to The Next Level

Alex Pall is a songwriter, a DJ, and the partner to Andrew Taggart. The duo form the Chainsmokers band is one of the leading music bands in the Us today. Alex was born on May 16, 1985. Pall was born and spent his early years in Westchester County in New York. He studied at the New York University and majored in art. He is a son to an art Dealer, and his mother is a housewife.

The Chainsmoker duo first met in New York City where they were introduced each other by the Chainsmoker’s manager, Adam Alpert. Both Alex and his partner Andrew are DJs. They later met when Drew moved to New York City where they both worked for an Indian actress and a singer in 2012. It was at this time when they released their first single late in the year.

When pall spoke in an interview with Mathias Rosenzweig of the Interview magazine, he revealed that he grew up as a DJ in New York City. He also said that DJing to him was a hobby. To him, he was doing something that he loved. He also says that what he is doing now is more of fun than a job. Alex was later to realize that music is his passion and dancing was consuming his life. That is when he realized he needed to devote himself entirely to music and dancing.

When asked how they both knew the duo would work out, Pall said that they believed on what each of them had to offer. It was through sharing what they like and understanding what was growing in them that has seen them to where they are today. He also admits that the producer in Andrew and the DJ in him complemented each other as they worked on their core values to make them who they are today.

Pall admits in that interview that social media and specifically Instagram is changing their music and helping them become international music icons. The pop music dancers have taken music to the next level. They sing and dance their music. They mix both pop and hip-hop music and their music is cherished across boundaries with its electrifying effect. Since its inception, they have released 22 singles, one album, and EPs.

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