“I’d urge myself to never Miss an Opportunity to Network,” Says Drew Madden, The Evergreen Healthcare Partners Founder

Drew Madden, the co-partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners continues to say how elated he gets when his ‘soft skills’ bring joy and transform the lives of other people. He says that there is nothing that can stop him from doing what he believes is right.

A 2002 graduate from the University Of Iowa College Of Engineering, Drew Madden, who holds a BSE in Industrial Engineering has used his skills to make other people happy. Madden specializes in healthcare IT, a section that deals with electronic medical records (EMR). In most cases, many people overlook this section as minor but according to Drew, EMR is one of the strongholds in the healthcare sector.

Madden argues that the future of the electronic medical records sector in most healthcare organizations entirely depends on soft skills. He is happy that he is using what he learnt in college some 16 years ago to help his clients. His career has seen him solve complex EMR problems in many institutions. In one institution, Drew created a quick inpatient clinical solution within a short time, something that had not been done for many years. Thanks to his 15+ years-experience Madden is the co-partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, one of the few high-end healthcare consulting firms in the country.

In a recent interview, Drew shared a number of things that have made him what he is. The most important part of the interview is when he says how young aspiring entrepreneurs can find their way up by building startups with the aim of benefiting their local communities. Drew starts by saying that while the opportunity to network comes every day, a chance to implement the idea does not wait. He urges aspiring entrepreneurs to take up the available opportunities to learn as much as they can but act when the right time comes.

Madden also confesses that although he gets ideas when he is alone, he agrees that the best ideas emerge when he works with other people. For this reason, he admonishes young ones to see it a privilege when they work with others and listen when others talk. “I learn by listening to others when they talk. I have realized that listening is the best tool to success,” Madden says.


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