Robert Deignan : The Rise of Remote Service

Co-Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services Robert Deignan is one of the most revered and respected entrepreneurs in the tech business. Robert Deignan’s educational background consists of a degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University which he obtained with the aid of a football scholarship. His love for the sports did not end at the completion of his degree, Robert would soon find himself working the NFL teams such as the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. His time with the teams was brief as his entrepreneurial passions continued to grow. Fanlink Inc. was Robert’s first business venture and the beginning of his incredible journey in the business industry. Today Robert along with his family live in Miami, Florida where he also runs ATS Digital Services. In a recent sit-down interview, we were able to go in-depth about Robert Deignan’s business ideas, advice and much more.


How was the idea of ATS Digital Services formulated?


Robert Deignan states that the idea for the company arrived through a problem that they themselves were having at another company. Working with Anti-Malware Software was a promising venture, however, what often caused headaches for both the consumer and the company was the difficulty of running the software due to Malware products blocking the service. The solution was to simply have one of the agents remove the malware remotely from the companies location. The plan was so successful that the idea of ATS was born.


What is one trend on the rise?


Home remote technologies is one of the fastest growing trends at the moment, says Robert Deignan.  This doesn’t only include home security or turning on your lights, but also wireless printers and other home-based technologies. This trend opens up a door of opportunities for companies such as ATS due to the fact that many people don’t necessarily want to grow to the store, have it fixed and essentially waste their time, neither do they want strangers poking around their homes. Companies like ATS can thrive in the need for quick and noninvasive solutions such as remote customer service.

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