Malcolm CasSelle and the Bitcoin Explosion in South Korea

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur who studied at both the Massachusetts Information Technology (MIT) and Stanford University. He earned a degree at both. MIT was his undergraduate school and Stanford University is where he earned his graduate degree. He earned both his degrees in computer science.

CasSelle is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and president of OPSkins and Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX). These are companies which he started. Both are internet based gaming sites. He has been the CIO and president of them both since 2017. Malcolm CasSelle is also an early investor in sites like Facebook and Zynga. Currently, he has ventured into being an early investor in Bitcoin-related sites.

South Korea, following the nations ruling that Bitcoin is a recognized asset, has joined the cryptocurrency craze. They have some of the largest amounts of exchange rates in the world. They are ranked 3rd. While the US is ranked 1st and Japan a close 2nd to the US. Cryptocurrency has become so popular in South Korea that the banks are starting to monitor the exchanges. They do this to ensure the exchanges are in compliance with South Korea’s anti-money laundering laws.

Another area of the blockchain and cryptocurrency that is becoming popular among the residents of South Korea is in the gaming industry. Step in Malcolm CasSelle. With OPSkins and WAX, he works with the blockchain technology. WAX allows users to exchange assets on the digital market in exchange for various cryptocurrencies.

These assets are exchanged among users who are in a trusting relationship with other users. The assets can be anything the users have. They are then given the various cryptocurrencies. Malcolm CasSelle expects that OPSkins and WAX will become more popular in South Korea and among other users in the world. This is to say that as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general gain popularity OPSkins and WAX will as well.


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