The Story Nick Vertucci’s New Book ‘Seven Figure Decisions’ Tells

Often the question asked by people who hear about new money making opportunities and the people who endorse them is whether or not the people endorsing them really have made money from them. Sometimes different multilevel marketing and business products are not what they’re advertised as, but when it comes to Nick Vertucci, real estate is where he truly has succeeded. Vertucci is the head of the NV Real Estate Academy which has educated people on how to break into real estate and turn rental properties into profits. He also is the author of a new bestselling Amazon book, “Seven Figure Decisions” which is endorsed by a former Shark Tank television host and details how Vertucci’s story on how he got into real estate and became a millionaire.

The story of Nick Vertucci as detailed in the book starts with his having come from a poor family and struggling through life until he started a computer business. This business allowed him to build some wealth at first and provide for his family, but when the tech industry went into upheaval in 2000 things took a turn for the worse. Nick Vertucci nearly lost everything, but through some good fortune and the support of friends, he found out some things about real estate that aroused his curiosity. With a little help, he slowly became a real estate investor.

Nick Vertucci didn’t succeed right away, but he stayed the course and learned some important guidelines to turning properties into profits that eventually he started doing that. He would see his debts become eliminated and soon was able to reach financial freedom. Vertucci started the NV Real Estate Academy because he wanted people to learn how having almost no cash on hand isn’t a roadblock to real estate, and that there are little secrets to investing that few know about. You can also see Vertucci at different real estate seminars introducing his academy when he travels.


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