Gino Pozzo’s dedicated passion for football clubs

Gino Pozzo is the son of Gianpaoloand Giuliana Pozzo. He grew up in Udine in Italy. Gino is areative to the former president of the Udinese Calcio football club. Gino went to the United States when he was 18 years old to study his masters from Harvard University. He is an expert in managing local football clubs and helping them to get to the top flight leagues in their various home countries. Gino owns Watford football club in England. He is a very famous figure in the sports sector in European.

The family of Pozzo is recognized because of their dedicated passion towards football. The family’s history of sports club ownership started when Gianpaolo bought the Udinese club in Italy in 1986 by using the profits made by the family business. The Pozzo family owned a woodworking business but later sold it in 2008 to give their concentration and investments on football clubs.

The family has also taken part in property and capital mergers. Gino confirmed that the family was very happy with focusing on football and that they are dedicated in doing things the right way. The family’s way of sports club owning has helped in creating new ground for the football industry. Gino is known for being an expert and reputable as one of the top forward thinking football club owners in Europe.

Pozzo family has been said to be a key factor to the scouting driven approach of the family club ownership. This is different and unique models that has seen and lead to the growth and success of the football clubs. This has been achieved since 1993 when Gino Pozzo joined the Udinese club. Gino has also impacted the family’s extension in football ownership. Gino became the power behind the purchase of the Granada F.C. in 2009 when he was at Barcelona.


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