To transform Newark Real Estate Shaquille O’Neal partner with Boraie Development

Words that best describe Aspire apartments are the comfort, luxury, and convenience. In the residential units located in New Jersey, they are 238 units. The other good thing about the apartments is transport; there are close to the train station. The residents can make use of the train to commute to work or any other place. There is parking easily accessible through the elevator to the lobby. Also, on the rooftop of the building, there is a sundeck that can be used to relax. The other thing that can be done in the residential house is going to the gym since there is an art fitness center. For those people that like party hangouts there is a vibrant nightlife in the area.

For about 10,000 square feet of the Aspire residential unit is the retail space. The people interested in riding bikes have been considered. In the apartment, there is indoor bike storage. For entertaining new visitors, there is the outdoor barbeque space that the resident can use.

Shaquille O’Neal decided that he wanted to invest more in real estate development, he grew up in Newark. He noticed that the people of Newark didn’t have more residential units. At Boraie development he became a partner to offer the people of Newark with comfortable residential units. He was a retired basketball player, and he renovated an old theatre through a joint venture. The ancient theatre was located in Springfield Avenue, and they spent $7 million on the renovation. One the project that he was involved with among the many others. O’Neal was of huge help to the project in developing the local area because of his political contacts.

The rental complex is one of the latest projects that O’Neal has worked on together with real estate development. It was the first housing tower to be built in the area for the last 50 years. Since O’Neal is the co-developer, he will get an equity stake. His main work during the developments is that he deals with the planning, but when it comes to other details, he leaves it to the developer. The services that Boraie development offers is real estate marketing, real estate development, and property management for the people of New Brunswick area. To meet there deadlines the company ensures that they work hand in hand with the architect and financial institutions.


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